Irish News · Layer like a champ for Winter Sports – Presented by 37.5® Technology

Chilly temperatures are coming. And if you’re an athlete gearing up for the Winter Sports season, or one who just likes to get outside to stay active, layering up is an important part of performing at your peak. Here’s how to do it like a champ with products that use our patented 37.5 Technology:


These are layers that sit next to your skin. They’re normally tighter than others, and are meant to be comfortable while helping your body maintain its ideal body temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius (99.5°F) while working out. Not only does this layer help thermoregulate, it should trap odors and release them in the wash.

A few of our favorite base-layers for snow sports include Rab’s Merino+, which has a great variety of colors to show off your school spirit. We also love First Lite’s merino wool neck gaiter that helps cover your neck from the cold wind.


Mid-layers assist with heat-retention and breathability. They’re often one of the most stylish layers too. On slightly warmer days during the Winter, or in the Southern states, this is as far as some athletes need to go. For this layer, we love the Adidas Terrex Stockhorn Jacket. It’s durable, insulated, and super light. The color choices are great too.


Outer layers are waterproof, breathable shells that are meant to keep out rain, wind, and snow while still keeping your body dry by pushing moisture from the inside out. Layered with base and mid-layers, the goal is to find outerwear that breathes exceptionally well, too.

Nitro Snowboarding’s Alagna Jacket is a 3.5 layer waterproof bomber jacket built with 37.5 technology that can handle anything, from powder days to rainy camping trips. Ride Outerwear’s Alki Pant is perfect for your lower half and is ideal for skiers or snowboarders alike. Another Ride Outerwear product, the Pinehurst Jacket is insulated, and perfect for colder days, although still ideal for layering.

Power up your performance with layering

Done right, a good layering system will work with each other to keep you dry, comfortable and maintained at its ideal active 37.5 degrees, so you can take your performance to the next level no matter how cold it is outside. For other suggestions of our favorite layers, check out our full list of brand partners at

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